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If you're a great meteorologist or engineer, or just plain talented, we want to hire you. See below for more information on WindBorne & the open roles.

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A WindBorne balloon near sunset

Working at WindBorne

WindBorne Systems is supercharging weather models with a unique proprietary data source: a global constellation of next-generation, AI-enabled weather balloons targeting the most critical atmospheric data. We design, manufacture, and operate our own balloons, using the data they collect to generate new, novel weather intelligence. Our mission is to eliminate weather uncertainty, and in the process help humanity adapt to climate change, be that predicting hurricanes or speeding the adoption of renewables.

Map of hundreds of WindBorne's flights, covering the entire northern hemisphere

Our progress so far

WindBorne’s platform is already proven in operation. We landed our first million-dollar contract within a year of our founding, and we have since consistently grown our revenue and customer base. We supply critical weather observations to a number of federal agencies, including NOAA, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Navy, and we also collaborate with international meteorological agencies.

Map of hundreds of WindBorne's flights, covering the entire northern hemisphere
A balloon being filled

Looking forward

Over the next year, we are scaling our current production and building new products to meet the demands of our existing customers, as well as future customers in the private and public sectors. We are also adding new sensors to our current platform, for capabilities including air quality measurement, lightning detection, and greenhouse gas detection.

Current openings

Sensors Engineer

As Sensors Engineer, you will be responsible for the calibration of thousands of sensor packages and for managing the automated processes to perform quality control and bias correction of real-time flight data from around the globe. As we continue to scale, you’ll work on optimizing processes and look for ways to improve the sensing package and calibration systems, in terms of capabilities, throughput, and quality.

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Software Engineer, Flight Autonomy

WindBorne is looking for a Software Engineer for Flight Autonomy to write software that autonomously manages thousands of balloons at once. Each balloon has complete control over its flight altitude at any point in time, but it must manage finite resources. Ground servers issue commands to the constellation by optimizing multi-agent objective functions; each balloon operates autonomously based on those commands. Your job will be to manage this system from a high-level, modifying and designing algorithms, and implementing and managing the software that runs them. For more information on the role, reach out.

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Head of Communications

WindBorne is looking for a Head of Communications to communicate our mission to customers, investors, and the broader public as we scale towards our vision of radically better weather forecasts that help in the fight against climate change. As Head of Communications, you will work closely with the founding team to define our messaging, then be responsible for getting that messaging out there.

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Head of Business Development

WindBorne Systems is seeking a Head of Business Development to facilitate our government sales growth and help build and execute on a commercial go-to-market strategy. You will be responsible for identifying and pursuing new sales opportunities, as well as managing and expanding our existing customer relationships. You will work closely with our Head of Proposals and Capture for submitting to new opportunities as well as our engineering, manufacturing, and operations teams to ensure that our products meet customer needs.

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