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Our Mission

WindBorne's mission is to mitigate the most immediately destructive aspect of climate change: weather uncertainty. As hurricanes get more frequent and more powerful, we want to predict where they'll make landfall. As wildfires rage, we want to direct firefighters to where they're burning hottest. And by providing more accurate forecasts to businesses, we aim to reduce carbon emissions by half a gigaton.

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When planes fly with a tailwind or ships sail in lighter seas, they're significantly more efficient. To do so, however, we need better forecasts, particularly in areas like the oceans without good data. We aim to save 500 million metric tonnes of carbon through better weather-based routing.

Simultaneously, better forecasting improves the electrical grid. Since the variability of renewables is a key obstacle in their adoption, by improving forecasts and reducing the unknowns, we will accelerate the adoption of renewables and reduce the usage of carbon-intensive peaker plants.


The climate emergency is already here. While we firmly believe that reducing carbon emissions is key, we need to be able to survive the extreme weather climate change is already bringing. That means:

  • Forecasting the path of increasingly-destructive hurricanes so people can evacuate
  • Informing firefighters where the winds will blow wildfires next
  • Predicting heat waves and cold snaps so people can prepare

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