Our Mission

WindBorne is on a mission to help humanity mitigate and manage the most immediately destructive aspects of climate change: extreme weather and weather uncertainty. By instrumenting the environment and advancing forecasts, WindBorne is revolutionizing the Earth’s intelligence to make the planet safer and more sustainable for everyone.

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Better weather forecasts are key to reducing emissions and curbing climate change. For example, when planes fly with a tailwind or ships sail in lighter seas, they're significantly more efficient. To do so, we need more accurate forecasts and better data, particularly over remote areas like oceans. We aim to save 500 million metric tonnes of carbon per year through better weather-based routing alone.

Better forecasts also accelerate the adoption of renewables by optimizing use of the electrical grid. Because the variability of renewables is a key obstacle in their adoption, improving forecasts and solving for unknowns reduces the usage of carbon-intensive peaker plants.


The climate emergency is already here. In addition to reducing underlying emissions, we’re committed to helping humanity manage the extreme weather climate change is already causing. We can:

  • Inform the actions of crisis responders such as firefighters, who need to know where wildfires will burn hottest and where where winds will blow next
  • Forecast the precise path and intensity of severe weather, from hurricanes to floods and tornadoes to improve public safety and mitigate hundreds of billions of dollars of damage
  • Predict heat waves and cold snaps so everyone can prepare