Data as a Service

Better weather observations – particularly in the atmosphere – are essential to improving every type of weather forecasting model.

  • We offer access to otherwise uncaptured atmospheric data at scale – including over oceans and the Earth’s most remote places – for better short- and long-term planetary understanding.
  • Through our global launch sites, we can nimbly and sustainably gather data including pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity.
  • Our balloons autonomously navigate to target locations and can be directed to gather data at any altitude, taking dozens of vertical profiles during flight.
  • We’re safe to aircraft, compliant, and maintain 24-7 control over our autonomously directed constellation, called Atlas.
  • Our data is accessible via an easy-to-use proprietary software called WindBorne Live, as well as API.

AI-Based Forecasts

Weather forecasts touch every country and community, as well as nearly every industry, from energy, to aviation, agriculture, insurance, logistics & shipping, events, and more.

  • Our record-breakingly accurate deep learning-based global medium-range forecast model, WeatherMesh, predicts wind speed, temperature, dew point, cloud cover, geopotential height, and more.
  • Our model delivers lower RMSE than both other conventional models and other leading AI-based models (See our public benchmarks.)
  • WeatherMesh runs exceptionally fast. For example, it can produce a 10-day forecast in 60 seconds using a single GPU.
  • Our state-of-the-art model is constantly scaling with larger amounts of historical training data, as well as real-time observations, including our balloons’ own atmospheric profiles.
  • We support bespoke integrations and product experiences, as well as real-time API access.

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