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Global sensing
meets better weather forecasts

WindBorne is solving weather uncertainty by fusing unparalleled weather data from our constellation of smart, long-duration sensing balloons with state-of-the-art AI.

Record-breaking AI forecasts

WindBorne’s deep learning forecast model, WeatherMesh, creates the most accurate global medium-range weather forecasts in the world. WeatherMesh’s AI underpinnings allow it to process both vast training data and live inputs at scale. It’s purpose-built for powering real-time operations, including our own constellation.

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Novel atmospheric data at a fraction of the cost

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Up to 150x
more data per dollar
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Rapid global access via international launch sites
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Targets crucial data, not otherwise captured

Complete access, from surface to stratosphere

WindBorne designs, builds, and operates the only technology that can capture in-situ atmospheric profiles everywhere, including over oceans and the Earth’s most remote places. Each balloon can maintain or transition between any altitude from sea level to 20 km, autonomously flying for weeks at a time.

Graph of the altitude profile of a WindBorne balloon
Launched from Palmer, AK on March 8 2021

An unparalleled atmospheric data set, constantly expanding

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1K+ Flights
To date
Years icon
15 years
Cumulative flight time
Ground track icon
9M km
Cumulative ground track
Vertical distance icon
250,000 km
Vertical distance travelled

Flight paths of our global constellation

WindBorne Balloon
Our total flight paths as of February 2024

Proven partnerships

We’re proud partners of NOAA, NCAR, the US Air Force, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), the Office of Naval Research, and the UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography. (See what NOAA says about working with WindBorne). To learn more about our partnership opportunities and offerings, email

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