WindBorne delivers better weather prediction through a unique balloon-based sensor delivery system
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The problem with weather

Weather is crucial to how we adapt to changing conditions and how we address climate change:
  • A lack of weather data in developing countries causes problems for farmers[1][2 (page 55)]
  • Weather data is key for fighting wildfires[3], which produce 2.2 billion tons of CO2 each year and growing[4]
  • Weather affects routing for ships[5] and planes [6], which produce a collective 2 billion tons of CO2 each year [7]
  • Weather-related variables affect US GDP by 3.4% each year, or about $700B[8][9]
  • Climate change is making extreme weather like hurricane worse and harder to predict[10][11][12]
  • Despite over 1600 weather balloons being launched each day[13], 85% of the Earth's surface is a data desert, with no balloon data[14]
  • You need currently lacking balloon-based data for effective weather prediction[5 (page 52)]

WindBorne's mission is to help humanity adapt to climate change

We can collect data no one else can.
  • We've invented a new kind of weather balloon to collect data in what used to be data deserts
  • Our balloon cost-effectively flies for orders of magnitude longer than a normal weather balloon
  • First set the world record for latex balloon flight in 2016, and since then have broken our own world record three more times
  • Have flown as far as from California to Morocco

Our story

  • Started as a student project at Stanford, as part of the Stanford Student Space Initiative. We just wanted to see how long we could make a balloon fly
  • Early 2019, we turned around and realized how powerful our technology was, and wanted to apply it to climate change
  • Since then, we have had a half-dozen paid flights for customers and are now looking to scale
  • All four co-founders went to Stanford and have worked at SpaceX
Paige Brown, CEO
  • Thiel Fellow
  • Materials at SpaceX
  • Former balloons team lead of the Stanford Student Space Initiative
  • Has been launching balloons since she was 14 years old
Andrey Sushko, CTO
  • Hertz & PD Soros Fellow
  • Sensors at SpaceX
  • Designed and built a four-cylinder engine out of K’Nex at age 9 and has been doing hands-on engineering ever since
Kai Marshland, Chief Product Officer
  • Isakowitz Fellow, a fellowship for future leaders of the space industy
  • Flight Software at SpaceX
  • Former co-president of the Stanford Student Space Initiative
  • Has been working at impact related startups like Carrotmob since high school; was also the first engineer hired at POWr Plugins and an early employee of LeoLabs
John Dean, Head of Autonomy
  • Hardware development at SpaceX
  • Former co-president of the Stanford Student Space Initiative
  • Helped build self-driving cars at Lyft and is now making self-driving balloons
Map of selected past flights
Extreme uncertainties in Hurricane Dorian Predictions
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